About Us

Who We Are

AppYea is a healthtech company, with headquarters in the USA and Israel, developing groundbreaking, wearable monitoring solutions to treat sleep apnea and snoring while fundamentally improving users’ quality of life.

The company’s solutions are based on its patented AI and sensing technologies used to easily track, analyze, and diagnose vital signs and other physical parameters with unprecedented accuracy during sleep.

* AppySleep Anti-Snoring solution is manufactured and distributed by Appyea Inc, a United States-based company listed on the OTCQB stock exchange under the symbol APYP.

Appysleep anti snoring product is based on patents owned by the company APPYEA Inc.

Our Vision

To enhance and prolong the lifespan and well-being of our clients by effectively addressing and alleviating their sleep disorders, thereby enriching their overall quality of life.

Our Mission

To deliver accessible telehealth solutions tailored for diagnosing and effectively treating sleep apnea, snoring, and related breathing disorders, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience for all.

The Solution

AppYea flagship solution is the AppySleep patented wristband that connects with the AppySleep smartphone app and gently vibrates with every breathing interruption, causing a shift from deep to lighter sleep in order to train the brain to breathe properly during sleep cycles.

The app tracks sleep patterns and uses machine learning technology to adapt the treatment to each user and recommend improvements based on the user’s sleep and breathing patterns. In addition to reducing snoring and improving sleep quality, users will be able to access important statistics relating to their sleep patterns via the app to track and detect anomalies over time.