Your Smart Snore Relief

Experience a new era of restful nights as our cutting-edge biometric smart wristband and app work in harmony to ensure you will never snore again.

Stop Snoring Tonight

The combination of the AppySleep smart app and the smart wristband will ensure a quiet, healthy, and restful night sleep for everyone


Quick start


Pair your wristband

Enable Bluetooth and keep the wristband close to connect


Start recording

Press just one button to record your sleep for further analysis


Detect snoring

During sleep, your phone will detect snoring and the bracelet will start vibrating.


Receive summary

Get your sleep analysis and improvement tips in the morning.

The Appysleep AI Solution: Sleep Smart APP & Wristband

The Appysleep APP uses AI to turn your smartphone into a snoring detector. It learns your patterns to improve over time. When snoring is detected, the connected Appysleep bracelet vibrates gently, prompting you to change your sleeping position. After several weeks of use, your brain adjusts to sleep without snoring.

Discover the main features of AppySleep

When you hit Start Recording Your Sleep button, together our wristband and the app begin analysing your sleep and implements unique treatment via gentle vibrations

AppySleep Wristband

  • Measures oxygen saturation
  • Measures heart rate
  • Vibration treatment
  • Builds a habit of proper sleeping position
  • AppySleep Mobile App

  • Detects Snoring
  • Records sleep data
  • AI analysis of critical health changes
  • Alerts sleep health recommendations
  • Customer Success

    Larry Rodney​

    Last night, I used the AppySleep device and I must say that it is great. I had a restful sleep. The wristband buzzed several times over the night. I noticed twice, changed positions and immediately went back to sleep. I woke up refreshed and feeling great. This should be used for anyone that snores and I will be using this nightly.

    Jack Wood​

    I bought the AppySleep Anti Snoring Smart Wristband Watch hoping it would hep my son with his snoring caused by Sleep Apnea not only did it help with his snoring now he and his wife get a good nights sleep!

    Dan R​

    Great fit, nice look, and best of all. IT WORKS! I had mine preordered for awhile, I was very excited when it arrived and have been using it every night. The results are audio recorded so you can go back and hear your breathing and snoring that happened that night. I am very satisfied with my wristband and will continue to use it. Thank you!

    Sarah Hoffman​

    Now I can speak about snoring with a smile. But until recently, it has been a real problem. I tried many things to stop this disaster.  Anti-snoring pillows, mouthpieces, nasal cones, chin straps, none of these worked for me.

    Yolanda R​

    I’ve been using the AppySleep wristband and App for about a week and it works better than I expected. It vibrated once and subtlety alerted me to change my sleep position. My sleep was not broken and I’ve been sleeping excellently. I strongly recommend this device to anyone who has snoring issues.  Thanks for bringing this device to the market.

    Advanced Sleep Tracking​​

    The AppySleep wristband is a sleek, comfortable wearable that tracks your movements and breathing patterns. The wristband vibrations are gentle and customizable, allowing you to fine-tune them to your preferences.

    Sleep Well Wake Up Happy

    Studies indicate that improved sleep and decreased snoring can significantly influence your overall health and wellness. Adequate, restful sleep has the potential to lower stress levels, enhance mood, and sharpen cognitive abilities.  Furthermore, it may reduce the risk of serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, proper sleep plays a role in weight management by regulating hormones responsible for hunger and appetite.

    Talk to a Sleep Specialist​

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